About the Author

Stella Mowen is the Founder/CEO of the non-profit The First Hill, a Huffington Post Contributor, and the author of the Amazon.com best selling inspirational novel Until the Beat Stops.

Her debut novel Until the Beat Stops, released in 2014, moved fans worldwide resulting in a surplus of thank you emails for opening her heart to the world and requests to follow the characters from book one into their next adventures. Stella's next novel will take readers all over the globe to adventure in New Orleans for some jazz, romance, and voodoo magic.

Stella is originally from the suburbs of Chicago and now resides in Venice Beach, California. She spends her days working in the film and TV industry and her nights and weekends adventuring, working on novel number two, listening to records, planning her next non-profit event, meditating, and embracing the now with new and old friends while listening to the ocean.

Until the Beat Stops

Inspirational, intelligent, romantic, and empowering - a book that renews a sense of joy and hope in the inevitable. Lilac Hawthorn was on a quest to create a startup designed to fill the hole in her heart left from the loss of both her parents to cancer, only to succeed in filling the holes in millions of people's hearts as well as future generations to come.

The First Hill, an online platform originally created to help breast cancer patients deal with the ambiguity of their future, not only helped the patients live longer but also helped them find a renewed sense of purpose in life. Ten years later, The First Hill transformed into a site for all walks of life to live forever by creating unique digital stories which live eternally.

Follow James Franklin as he documents the inspirational stories of Lilac and her four best friends as they share their stories of perseverance, strength, and hope. Dealing with mortality and following the path in life that no one wants to walk down-each character faces death head on, accepting it as the inevitable close friend we each wish to walk alongside us, reminding each of us to embrace every day as the beautiful gift it is.

Until the Beat Stops is a gripping story of how a CEO, a scientist, a singer, a photographer, and a furniture maker alter the song of life forever by turning pain into something constructive to help-all of us.

Live, Love, Believe, Create... Until the Beat Stops.

Until the Beat Stops is available at select indie book stores and on Amazon.com.

15% of book proceeds are donated to the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Foundation. Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk


Stella Mowen